“Seluruh Cinta” (All of Love) is a collaborative single by Malaysian artist, Siti Nurhaliza and

Indonesian artist, Cakra Khan, released on October 21, 2014. The single was first released in
Indonesia as part of the Indonesian version of Siti’s sixteenth solo album, Fragmen.[1] “Seluruh
Cinta” also served as the first single from Fragmen for the Indonesian market.[1] Siti and Cakra first
met during 2013 Anugerah Planet Muzik where they sang together Cakra’s single at that time,
“Harus Terpisah”.

The collaboration came to fruition when Siti was offered by Universal Music Group (Indonesia) to do
a duet with any male Indonesian singer of her choice before finally choosing Cakra as her musical
partner. Composed by Krishna Balagita, they recorded the song on May 29, 2014 at MyMusic
Records in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia in under four hours.

The song was first performed live during MNCTV’s 23rd special anniversary show, “Persembahan
Cinta MNCTV 23” on October 20, 2014.

Background and recording[edit]
Siti and Cakra first met and performed together during the 2013 Anugerah Planet Muzik where they
sang together Cakra’s single at that time, “Harus Terpisah”.[2] Afterward, she was contacted and
asked by Universal Music Group (Indonesia) if she is interested to do a duet with any Indonesian
singer of her choice.[3] Admiring Cakra’s unique vocals, she expressed her interest in having
Cakra as her musical partner for the duet.[3]

After the agreement has been reached, she traveled to Indonesia to record the song with Cakra at
MyMusic Records’ studio in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia on May 29, 2014.[4] The whole recording
session only took three to three hours and a half to complete.[5] A teaser promoting the song was
also shared by Siti on her Twitter account on the next day, May 30.[6] Prior to its exclusive release
for the Indonesian market,[1] its inclusion as the tenth track for the Malaysian version of Fragmen
was actually considered.[7]

Composition and lyrics
A moderately fast song, the song stretches at four minutes and ten seconds.[8] Composed by
Krishna Balagita, according to Ramaloka’s writer, the song revolves around the trying moments
when one has to let his loved one go and pursue his/her dream while promising that one will always
love and wait for him/her until they are back together.[2]

Release and promotion
To promote the release of the Indonesian version of Fragmen and her duet with Cakra, Siti
embarked on a 5-day trip to Indonesia from October 19 to 23.[9] During her visit to Indonesia, she
was invited to perform and take part in various Indonesian entertainment television programs.[9]
“Seluruh Cinta” was first performed live for MNCTV’s 23rd anniversary special show,[10]
“Persembahan Cinta 23” where Siti and Cakra were invited to perform on October 20.[10][11]
“Seluruh Cinta” was also performed on “dahSyat” on RCTI (October 21)[12][11] and “Ada Ada Aja”
on Global TV (October 22).[13][11] Siti and Cakra also performed the song during the taping of
“Sarah Sechan”, a talk show by an Indonesian personality, Sarah Sechan, which was broadcast on
November 1, 2014 on NET..[14]

Live versions
“Seluruh Cinta” was first performed live by Siti and Cakra during MNCTV’s special program in
conjunction with its 23rd anniversary, “Persembahan Cinta 23” on October 20, 2014.[10][11] The
same song was performed on several days in a row on multiple Indonesian entertainment-based
programs and television channels, including “dahSyat” on RCTI (October 21)[12][11] and “Ada
Ada Aja” on Global TV (October 22).[13][11] “Seluruh Cinta” was also performed live during the
taping of a one-hour talk show by Sarah Sechan on NET. which was broadcast on November 1,

Credits and personnel
Cakra Khan – vocals
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza – vocals
Ginda Bestari – guitar
Krishna Balagita – lyricist, composer
Tito P. Soenardi – arrangement, strings arrangement
Tommy Utomo – recording

Written by krishna

Indonesian musician

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