Krishna Balagita was born in Jakarta on 26 March 1967. Born in the ordinary family,his father was R. Bambang Permadi Tjokrodimurti and his mother named RR. Tien Swandari. Krishna began to recognize the piano since the age of 11. The youngest of five brothers have been used to begin by studying music in self-taught. At the time that his sister often plays classic songs, Krishna was already accustomed to listening to the songs and also learn without the guidance of a music teacher. Before he studied the various types of music, he was already able to recognize some of the standards chord, he clearly was able to recognize differences in major and minor chord. Time goes Krishna eventually also interested in playing these classic songs are more serious. The songs work of J.S. Bach, Mozart to Chopin has become part of everyday life. At the age of 15 he began studying classical music and popular music. Earlier in the age of 12 years, he has also been able to playing some Indonesian patriotic songs. One example like the song titled “Rangkaian Melati” he could have played. In the musical environment Krishna also finally able to absorb some of the influence of his family who often hear of songs by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Genesis and many more. At the age of 16 years he was even playing a song titled “Spain” created by famous American composer Chick Corea. Luckily in high school he also got a pretty good musical environment, at that time also he had joined the bands of the school. Krishna had joined together with Baruna whom former singer of the group named Elpamas. After completed high school he has begun to started to arrange songs and also create his own songs. Then because of the limitations of the basic knowledge of music theory he finally decided to learn privately with Jack Lesmana who is also the father of Indra Lesmana. Time passed, finally in the middle of busy studying music, his teacher Jack Lesmana died. Krishna finally studied with Jack Lesmna’s son, Indra. In 1989, Krishna has become one of the piano teacher at Farabi “Indra Lesmana Workshop” music school. In addition to learning, he was also helps to teach beginer piano class. Because the school is not focused on Classical music teaching methods, automatically Krishna began to get used to listening to jazz. He is very interested in the types of bebop era and so on, he likes Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc.
In 1991 Krishna began playing professionally jump from cafe to cafe, hotel and more. In 1992, he met with Maryono who was one of the best saxophonist in Indonesia which is also one of the teachers from Embong Rahardjo. Then he was invited to join in the group with Indro Hardjodikoro as a basist. As a session player Krishna also started involve playing jazz standard much, as well as popular songs at that time. Soon he also began to join with Dewa Budjana to play in a hotel, also joined with Tohpati and Bintang Indrianto play Top40 music. But after that Krishna chose to explore the piano again, then he went to Sydney, Australia. There, he studied with Paul McNamara, who is also one of the Indra Lesmana’s teachers when he was in Sydney. In that year Krishna also trying to follow the test entrance exam for the jazz studies department at the Sydney Conservatorium of music, Lucky Krishna pass the test but at the same time his father was seriously ill, then he returned to Jakarta until finally his father died. Finally Krishna didn’t take his chance to study at the Conservatorium, but he set up his residence in Jakarta and form a pop band called  Ada Band.